Meet Dan



Dan Schwartz has been called an “Independent Voice” and an “Outsider” because he has stood up to the insider deals that Carson City calls its own.  Dan is a successful businessman who ran for State Treasurer in 2014, because he was tired of seeing elected officials mismanage the business of Nevada.  After winning election and arriving in Carson City, Dan was hit with the hard truth that our state isn’t run by the people or even their elected leaders.  Our State is run by the lobbyists and political insiders with the fattest wallets and best connections.

Dan’s is now running for Governor because it’s time to end pay-to-play and to realize Nevada’s potential for a better community and a stronger, more diversified economy.


As Nevada’s Treasurer, Dan looked at the poor performance of his predecessor and said, “we can do better, much better.”  And, he has.  Dan has tripled returns on the State’s General Portfolio, increased the amount returned to State agencies and municipalities through the LGIP by over ten times, and steered private equity investments to Nevada not elsewhere in the SSOF.  He has refused to be mislead by Carson City insiders.  When establishment politicians made a crony capitalism deal with Faraday Future, Dan flew to China (on his own dime) to investigate the company.  After realizing it was a Ponzi scheme, he refused to issue State bonds, drawing intense criticism from both parties, but he refused to back down.  In September 2017 Faraday Future formally pulled the plug on its phantom deal.


As Treasurer, Dan has also stood for parental choice (Education Savings Accounts), giving middle class families a real choice in their children’s futures.  He has also restructured the College Savings and College Kickstart programs, encouraging parents to save for the costs of a college or trade school education.


Finally, he has reduced the Unclaimed Property claims period from 120 to 20 days; and, his office has saved taxpayers $80 million in interest payments through bond refundings.


Dan is an international businessman who began his career in finance, which exposed him to the financial and business worlds.  He worked his way up, before buying industry publications in Asia and Europe.  After buying the failing Asian Venture Capital Journal (AVCJ) in Hong Kong, he put out the fires, surveyed the charred ruins, and began rebuilding.  Despite all the turmoil in the publishing industry, AVCJ still exists and is thriving today.  After selling his publications, Dan went to Silicon Valley, and found a software developer to build, the first ever online deliverer of print publications.

Dan’s businesses have contributed to the community as well as creating jobs both here and around the world.

Dan is also an accredited private investor, having most recently supported companies in solar energy and digital currencies.


After graduating from college, Dan felt he had a responsibility to his fellow citizens to serve our great country.  He enlisted in the United States Army as a buck private and was assigned to the combat arms (field artillery).  Dan completed his basic training at Fort Polk, LA and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Ft. Sill, OK.  He was stationed on a nuclear base in Germany during the Cold War.  He was honorably discharged as a Specialist Fourth Class.